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About the Children's Cancer Institute


The Children’s Cancer Institute works solely to put an end to childhood cancer through lifesaving medical research. Every year more than 625 Australian children will be diagnosed with cancer, placing significant hardship and suffering on them and their families. Although vital research has ensured that eight out of 10 of these children survive, every week nearly three Australian children continue to lose their battle.


As the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to childhood cancer, the Children’s Cancer Institute plays a vital role in putting an end to the hugely complex nature of childhood cancer.


The Children’s Cancer Institute’s mission is:


  • To be a leader in preventing cancer and finding ways of curing cancer in children through world-class research.
  • To ensure the best possible quality of life for these children and their families.
  • To share their vision with others and increase awareness, participation and funding.


The Children’s Cancer Institute’s research takes a multi-pronged and solutions-driven approach to childhood cancer. Their work focuses on four key areas of childhood cancer:


  • Understanding cancer in children
  • Diagnosing cancer more effectively
  • Improving treatment
  • Providing a better quality of life for survivors


To find out more please visit www.ccia.org.au.


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